Netflix’s ‘Our Father’ Dr. Donald Cline, where is he now?

Dr. Donald Cline who was uncovered in "Our Father", a new Netflix documentary that started streaming on May 11th, 2022 is considered to be the best fertility doctor in Indianapolis.

The concept of fertility doctors was new when Dr. Donald started his journey by opening his specialty practice in 1979. Still, he helped hundreds of parents in getting pregnant.

Most of the parents did not question much about the process and how it actually happened as they were quite grateful as well as happy to have a child.

Then DNA testing comes into the picture. Dr. Donald is believed to be fathered more than 90 children, having more and more half-siblings popping up on DNA testing sites every month.

It was Dr. Donald's kid, Jacoba Ballard, who was the first to uncover the story. Later, to get justice, Jacoba and her many half-siblings decided to get the story out there.

In the Netflix documentary 'Our Father', the character of Dr. Donald Cline was played by an actor Keith Boyle as the real Dr. Donald Cline refused to play his own character in the movie.

As per the 2019 report, Dr. Donald Cline is still living freely in Indianapolis. He lives just a few blocks after some of the children he fathered without their mother’s consent. 

While talking about Dr. Donald, one of his previous patients said “lives down the street over there. I live down the street over there, and my mom lives in town here.

In spite of the fact that what Dr. Donald did was completely a se**al violation. In the documentary, the lawyer explains that it was not legally—according to Indiana state law.