Nail Pak's Net Worth

Nail Pak is a small portable pouch containing nail paints, nail paint removers, and nail pads.

Barbara Lampugnale is the Founder of the company Duality Cosmetics, which invented the product Nail Pak. 

Barbara Lampugnale's mind got stuck when was applying nail paint and was frustrated by the issue of removal of previous nail color, later she got an idea to sell 3 in 1 nail kit.

She appeared in Shark Tank, Season 3, Episode 12, and offered shark Lori Greiner for 20% equity in exchange for $50,000 but the final deal was done with 40% equity with $50,000 for Nail Pak.

Lori Greiner offered worldwide television network QVC(Quality Value Convenience) support to Nail Pak. She sold around 10,000 bottles in the upcoming days.

The company is still in ongoing business with Nail Pak. it is known as "Grace Nail" with a worth of  $750,000- $1 million.

The overall cost to make one bottle is just only $3 but the selling price is $15, which means it was a beneficial idea.

One could buy this product via Amazon and other selling websites. It is also available in the stores of Ulta Beauty.

The contract with Ulta Beauty made the Nail Pak( Grace Nail ) climb up to success. It is currently selling in more than 500 locations.

However, the future consequences of Duality Cosmetics don't seem much bright than expected but Nail Pak overall was a good product.