Most Powerful MCU Villains

Iron Man has battled many powerful foes in the MCU, but one of the most dangerous was Iron Monger.

Iron Monger

The Extremis Soldiers were a group of former United States Armed Forces soldiers enhanced by the use of Extremis that served as the personal army of A.I.M. leader Aldrich Killian.

The Extremis Soldiers

Mysterio's evil plot would eventually be laid bare, and Spider-Man would take him down. While his abilities were only technology-based.


A Dark Elf enhanced by the Kursed Stone, Kurse was Malekith's muscle in his battle to gain the Aether, the Asgardian name for the Reality Stone.


Loki has loomed large over the MCU for just about its entire existence. Considered one of the best villains in the franchise


The Goddess of the Dead was responsible for the Valkyries' death, Asgard's powerful warrior women. 


Ultron decided that the best way to end all threats to the Earth was to destroy humanity and would have succeeded if it wasn't for the might of the Avengers.


Ego was the most powerful being the Guardians of the Galaxy ever faced. 


One of the most frightening beings in the universe, Thanos, was obsessed with balance after his homeworld's death.