Mike Tyson slams Hulu for ‘Mike’ said they Stole My Life Story

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Recently a piece of news came about Mike Tyson showing anger over Hulu for making a story on his life without a permit.

On 20 July 2022, posted a poster of their upcoming series "Mike" which is based upon the life story of Mike Tyson.

The series was about to premiere on 25 August 2022 but according to Mike, Hulu didn't pay him for copying his life. 

“Hulu stole my story. They’re Goliath and I’m David. Heads will roll for this,” Tyson tweeted on August 6, 2022.

On August 6, Mike posted a picture on IG in which he wrote about "Hulu" and captioned “Hulu is the streaming version of the slave master. They stole my story and didn’t pay me.” 

The cast of the legendary boxer, Mike Tyson is an American actor Trevante Rhodes in eight-episode limited series.

Hulu tried to pay millions to UFC President Dana White to promote the series but Dana denied it, for which Tyson thanked via an Instagram post, on Aug 6. 

From 1985 to 2005, Mike Tyson built his boxing career to the peak of its success and became one of the greatest boxers in the world.

Olympic Gold Medalist, Henry Cejudo supported Tyson and shared his Twitter post on his account on Aug 6, captioning "Shame on you @hulu"

Meanwhile, Hulu is currently maintaining its silence. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tyson described it as "an unauthorized mini-series" and "tone-deaf cultural misappropriation."