Michael Cera's Net Worth

Michael Cera is a professional actor, best known for his role as George Michael on ‘Arrested Development’. 

Michael Cera started his career in Tim Horton's commercials and his debut 'Frequency' was released in 2000 on the big screen.

Michael Cera was nominated for his superb and best performance in “Lobby Hero” for the Tony Award in 2018.   

34-year-old, Canadian actor Michael's net worth for the current year 2022 is about approximately 20 million.

According to  Global Mansion Magazine,  Cera has bought a new home for $2.4 Million on an adorable Brooklyn Townhouse

As a musician, Michael Cera has worked with indie rock supergroup 'Mister Heavenly' and launched his debut album 'True That' in 2014.

Till 2018, Michael Cera has been nominated for sixteen awards and won six awards including 'Teen Choice Awards.'

Michael Cera has been married in 2017 to Nadine secretly and The couple welcomed a baby boychild together.

He did a wonderful job in his recent movie 'Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank' (15 July 2022) as a voice cast for the leading character 'Hank'.

“I just want to be really careful with the decisions I make. When you make a decision about your career, it changes your life in a really big way.” – Michael Cera