Michael Bolton Net Worth

Bolton went viral in 2011 when he appeared in The Lonely Island video, Jack Sparrow, which has garnered more than 200 million views.

In the late 80s, he made the switch to power ballads becoming known instead for his powerful love songs.

During his career, Bolton has won six American Music Awards, two Grammy Awards, sold more than 75 million records.

Bolton was also a director for the documentary, American Dream: Detroit, which highlights the economic comeback of Detroit.

Bolton's finances took a hit in 1992 when he was sued by the R&B band the Isley Brothers, who claimed Bolton stole their song.

A Los Angeles court ruled in favor of the Isley Brothers and Bolton had to pay $5 million. The brothers received $4.2 million from Sony Music, $932,924 from Bolton.

Michael Bolton is estimated to have a net worth of $80million and the majority of his income has come from his career as a singer and songwriter.

Bolton was married to Maureen McGuire from 1975 to 1990 and had 3 daughters  Isa, Holly, and Taryn and He became a grandfather  through his daughter Taryn.

Bolton also published an autobiography, The Soul of It All: My Music, My Life and in his life he has done many charities.