Metro Boomin’s Mother Killed By Her Husband

An American record producer, record executive, and DJ Metro Boomin’s Mother Leslie Joanne Wayne who is also a music producer is killed on June 3 night.

Leslie Joanne Wayne was allegedly killed by her husband before he killed himself. he first kills her then alone with her he kill himself.

Wayne died this weekend and requested privacy for the family while they grieve their loss his representative confirmed to TMZ.

The police discovered Leslie Joanne Wayne's body outside the Atlanta area and an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

According to other sources it is said that the killer was her boyfriend but nothing is confirmed.

Wayne’s husband is not Metro Boomin’s father, according to TMZ and through  Metro Boomin’s social media we can see he was close to her mom.

He posted on Mother’s Day 2017, “My first and greatest blessing is Mom. Smart, Strong, Beautiful inside & out, and Faith-Filled. How could I not win!”

On Mother’s Day 2020, he tweeted a photo of them in a studio. “This Queen right here is my mother and my best friend,” he wrote.

TMZ reported that the murder occurred on Friday, June 3, 2022. Wayne’s spouse then took his own life after killing her but they are still searching.