‘The Bachelorette’ returns for season 19 on July 11 with 32 men looking for love. Jesse Palmer will return as the host of ‘The Bachelorette.’

Aven is a sales executive. He’s from San Diego.

Colin is a sales director. He’s from Chicago.

Logan is a videographer. He’s from San Diego.

Justin Y. is from Brookfield, Connecticut. His twin brother is Joey.

Ethan is an advertising executive. He’s from New York.

Matt is a shipping executive. He’s from San Diego.

Ryan is an investment director. He’s from Boston.

Roby is a magician. He’s from  Roby, 33, a magician from Los Angeles, Calif.

Spencer is a venture capitalist. He’s from Chicago.

Michael is a pharmaceutical salesman. He’s from Long Beach, California.

Erich is a real estate analyst. He’s from Bedminster, New Jersey.

Justin B. is a physical therapist. He’s from Solana Beach, California.

Alec is a wedding photographer. He’s from Houston, Texas.

Jordan H. is a software developer. He’s from Tampa.

John is an English teacher. He’s from Nashville.

Johnny is a realtor. He’s from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Hayden is a leisure executive. He is from Tampa, Florida.

James is a meatball enthusiast. He’s from Winnetka, Illinois.

Joey is from Brookfield, Connecticut. His twin brother is Justin Y.

Jacob is a mortgage broker. He’s from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Maria is a personal trainer. He’s from Naperville, Illinois.

Chris is a mentality coach. He’s from Redondo Beach, California.

Zach is a tech executive. He’s from Anaheim Hills, California.

Kirk is a college football coach. He’s from Lubbock, Texas.

Brandan is a bartender. He’s from Carlsbad, California.

Nate is an electrical engineer. He’s from Chicago, Illinois.

Tyler is a small business owner. He’s from Wildwood, New Jersey.

Jason is an investment banker. He’s from Santa Monica, California.

Termayne is a crypto guy. He’s from Naperville, Illinois.

Tino is a general contractor. He’s from Playa Del Rey, California.

Quincey is a life coach. He’s from Miami.

Jordan V. is a drag racer. He’s from Alpharetta, Georgia.