Mary-Kate Olsen rare public appearance in a horse jumping competition

Mary-Kate Olsen made an public appearance as she participated in a horse jumping competition she participated in the Longines Global Champions Tour, in Paris, France on Friday, June 24.

She wore a black jacket over a white shirt, pair of matching white pants, knee-high riding boots and a black helmet to protect her head while riding her chestnut brown horse.

The Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping contest is an annual event, its eighth edition taking place this year. 

Mary-Kate has competed in the tour a number of times including last year when she competed in Rome in September.

She placed third in that contest, a much better performance than back in 2019 when she was disqualified from a competition for an 'error of course' during one of her runs. 

Horses have long been a part of Mary-Kate’s life, who began riding with her twin sister Ashley Olsen also when they were only six-years-old. 

'Having horseback riding as an outlet was super important because it allowed me to have another life and outlet outside of work and school,' she said 

'I continued to ride through high school and stopped when I moved to New York.' she added.

“[Riding] allows me to practice being accepting, patient, disciplined, compassionate, competitive, and all of those other emotions that are very important to have in your everyday life,” she said