Mark Gastineau's Net Worth

Mark Gastineau is a well-known marvelous American former football player of team New York Jets.

Mark Gastineau was born on November 20, 1956, in Ardmore, Oklahoma in an American family. Later he moved to Springerville, Arizona.

When Mark Gastineau was just a few years old kid, he got a serious leg injury that he could never walk again.

Gastineau's brightening career began when he started playing as a defensive end at Arizona State University. Later he became the most talented defensive lineman.

Mark Gatineau is 65 years old now with an approximate net worth of $3.5 - $4 million, this year 2022 via his own talent and skills.

Mark Gastineau entered his career with "New York Jets" in 1979 and played with them for NFL till 1988.

In NFL last season in 1984, he has signed a five-year deal worth about $4 million, or an average of about $800,000 a year.

Gastineau began his boxing career in 1991 and in his first fight and the very first round he knocked out Derrick Dukes.

Gastineau married twice, he married Lisa Gastineau in 1979 but divorced in 1991.They raised daughter Brittny together. He dated Brigitte and welcomed son Killian Marcus.In 2007, he married Jo Ann.

Beyond his wealth and properties, he has earned a huge space in his fan's and friends' hearts. He is a loved footballer and boxer.