Margot Robbie is a Famous Australian Actress, She is also nominated for the Academy Awards. Her Net Worth is estimated at around $ 26 million USD in 2022.

Margot is a popular and reputed personality and generates most of her income from acting. She earns approximately 2 million USD as a salary. 

According to several media sources,  she is making 12. 5 million dollars For Barbie. Which is tremendous for an actress like her.

In August 2022  her net worth is approximately estimated at around $ 15 million US dollars, her annual income is $200000 in 2022.  

Margot Robbie Comes in the Category of highest paid actress across the world. In 2019 she made 23.5 million from ‘Birds of Prey’ according to Forbes. 

Celebrity Net Worth says that she got 26 million from Endorsements, She wants to live a luxurious life just like other celebrities.

2017 was the year when Margot bought a property in Los Angeles, She paid approximately $ 2.73 million for this property. Later on, she paid $ 9.50000 for an LA home.

Coming to her brand, Robbie was spotted as a Face of Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Fragrance in 2016. After that , she became a brand ambassador of 'Chanel Gabrielle'.

Margot Robbie was born on 2nd July 1990 in Queensland Australia, She used to live with her family and Her mother took care of her. 

She began her career in Australia, she got minor roles in ‘Vigilante’ and ‘ICU’. later she moves to Los Angeles for 'Pilot Season', and becomes so Successful.