Mama June is a married woman after she get married with her BF of a few months Justin Stroud in a secret courthouse ceremony!

Mama June is a newlywed after a new report claimed that she married her boyfriend Justin Stroud at the end of March!

Mama June real name is June Shannon gets married her partner of only a few months in a courthouse ceremony in Georgia on March 23. 

Both were seen together shopping for rings together at a jewelry store in Alabama, appears that they made things official thereafter.

A clerk confirmed  that the Mama June that is Road To Redemption star married her younger bf after 5 months of dating after meeting through TikTok.

Before the news was revealed, June said “We became friends originally, and he didn’t know who Mama June was. He didn’t know I had just gotten out of a domestic violence situation"

She further said "he didn’t know what was going on in my life… and I didn’t honestly tell him,  But it turns out I was his type, and he was single!”

Mama June was dealing with her drug addiction and an abusive relationship with her ex Geno Doak, and her eventual estrangement from her daughters

Mama said “I feel like Justin is God’s way of flashing the last 10 years in front of me, with the overdoses, the relapses, and showing me how I can really be treated like gold”