Mama June: June’s Boyfriend Gets Engaged To someone else

Mama June said falling in love with a 24-year-old was the "worst" mistake of her she learn when he got engaged to another woman behind her back.

Alana Thompson and June Shannon both found love during the June 10 episode of Mama June: Road To Redemption, but only one relationship survived.

Before we get to her young romance we need to dissect June’s drama from this week. June ditched Alana for her alleged new bf after their trip to Los Angeles

June told producers that she needed to help a friend who was in recovery but everyone doubted she was hiding a new romance.

And they were right, Alana returned home to her sister Pumpkin and it claimed that June had met a guy named Jordan and she was giving him a lot of money for things.

The article claimed that June bought Jordan a $50K car. Alana, Pumpkin and their sister, Jessica, could not believe the article they are reading.

June had also disappeared and didn’t film for a number of weeks. But when she did resurface, she said she was going to travel around the country, helping one person affected by addiction in every state. 

She confessed her love to him on social media and still worried about what he was doing because he stopped talking to her for few days.

June soon learned that she had good reason to worry because while she was away Jordan had gotten engaged to another woman.