Malia Obama and Sasha Obama reunite and dance for at LAX

You must have heard if you wanted to know about someone's feelings about you, you can simply see if they’ll be willing to pick you up from the airport.

This is not a matter of concern for former president Barack Obama's daughters Malia and Sasha Obama while the sisters united at Los Angeles International Airport.

TMZ recorded this sentimental moment in which older sibling Malia was seen wheeling her luggage towards a waiting car, waiting to pick her up.

She got stunned when she realized her younger sister Sasha coming around from behind the vehicle and surprising her.

Later, the sisters' duo was seen celebrating by jumping up and down and playfully waving their hands before they give in to a loving embrace.

Seeing their love for each other, it is clear like crystal that the two sisters are two peas in a pod and they share a pure bond of love.

During the time of their heart-warming reunion, the Obama sisters avoided talking to the media and decided to keep a low profile.

Later on the day, Sasha was spotted helping her big sister by placing her luggage in the trunk of the car waiting for them.

As per Huffington Post, the Obama sister is currently believed to be spending their time in Los Angeles where Susha will attend the University of Southern California.