Lolo Jones shares why she decided to freez her Eggs 

39 years old Olympic hurdler and bobsledder Lolo Jones shared a tearful video on her Instagram account on Wednesday about why she's decided to start the IVF process. 

She said 'I'm running out of time to start a family'. She reveals that she is in a egg retrieval process so that she could be able to have a child through in vitro fertilization. 

She trearfully explained in the video that “she wants a family” but has spent years waiting for a husband to begin the journey of having a family.  

As she's turning 40 on August 5, Jones decides to start the journey of IVF and currently she is taking the first step of it by freezing her eggs. 

To make surethat she can proceed with the process she is going to doctor's appointments and giving herself routine hormone injections. 

She wrote in her Instagram caption “ "Terrified. 15 days before I turned 40. "Nothing has scared me more than feeling like I'm running out of time to have a family. 

I originally wanted to freeze my eggs when I was in my early 30's. I just kept thinking I will meet my husband and things will all work out. Well here I am almost 10 years later and it hasn't." 

She continued "I want to encourage women to check into this earlier. "If you know you want to start a family but just can't do it now, look into freezing your eggs." 

She received praise form her fans. One follower wrote, "You’re not alone! I’m through the same process at 39. Many blessings to you and your journey. Thank you for sharing."