Little People, Big World: Matt does not want to sell his farm to Zach

After a premiere of dramatic season Little People, Big World returned back to TLC on this Tuesday night.

Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn talk over Zach's decision to move to the Battle Ground. 

Even Though Matt was upset with their decision but he was relieved that he didn't end up selling the farm to his son.

Zach had a conversation with his dad in which he expressed his interest in buying the north side of the farm. 

Matt told a price that was too high for Zach and didn't want to reduce it. Zach decided to move away from his hometown.

During his confessional, Matt was upset at the way Zach handled the situation. He told that quoted the price he did because Zach was not ready to do work that comes with owning the farm.

Matt mentioned that he wanted Caryn there as an extra pair of ears. He said that because of this reason, he was a little relieved that he didn't end up selling the farm to Zach.

Fans reaction

Fans reacted to Matt reaction