List of 2022 Netflix Cancelled Shows

The Midnight Gospel: The adult-animated series didn’t achieve the broadest audience required to justify a second season.

Standing Up: The French series despite plans for a second season, there won’t be one on Netflix.

Raising Dion: The series follow-up season 2 on Netflix, but sadly, it didn’t perform well enough to justify a third season.

Space Force: the show didn’t perform to Netflix’s expectations according to top 10 data meaning that the plug was pulled at the end of April.

Pretty Smart: Pretty Smart struggled to get into the mainstream and was eventually announced to be canceled on April 27.

On the Verge: The show failed to make much of an impact despite starring Elisabeth Shue so, the show was quietly canceled.

Diablero: The Mexican series Diablero ran for two seasons but will not be returning for a third season.

Gentefied: Gentefied failed to get renewed for a third season with the cancelation news coming in early January 2022.

Gentefied: The series failed to impress fans and critics alike and simply didn’t have an audience large enough for Netflix to invest more money.