Lisa is a Famous  American Actress, Producer, and Writer. Lisa Kudrow has a net worth of around 120 Million which makes her so special.

Lisa was born on July 30, 1963, in Los Angelis California, Lisa is a well-known personality, she is known for her Acting and humor. 

She Belongs to a Middle-class Jewish Family, she has her Mom Dad  Two bother, and one elder sister. Life was so challenging for Lisa in the Beginning.    

Ms. Lisa has won several awards, like the American comedy award, and Primetime Emmy Award,  she is also a winner of a two-time, Screen Actor Guild Award.

Ms. Kudrow joined a school in Los Angeles, where she pursued a degree from Vassar College, in Biology. Like her father, she wants to become a Physician.

Lisa debuted in the NBC sitcom, Cheers. After that Lisa got a number of Roles in different movies’ she made the fans so crazy with her Acting. 

In 2022 Lisa Kudrow's net worth is around $120 Million, her name is also mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest- actress.

Lisa did many comedy shows like Happy Ending, Hotel for dogs, and neighbors. she has also done a number of thriller movies.

Her husband is a French Advertising executive, his Name is Michel Stern, who had a son called Julian Murray stern.      

Kudrow’s famous show ‘ Friends’ Still makes a lot of money for her,  Lisa generates most of her income from this particular show.