Lee Jung-Jae From 'Squid Game’ Makes His Directorial Debut With 'Hunt' Trailer

Lee Jung-Jae is a south Korean Korean actor and filmmaker, director businessman, and former fashion model.

According to new updates, Lee Jung-Jae Makes their Directorial Debut With a 'Hunt' Trailer.

Hunt is Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller, and spy movie based on the 1980s National Security Planning.

In this movie, Lee Jung-Jae plays the role of Park Pyong-ho who is deeply fixed within his agency after a high ranking.

The movie was directed by Lee Jung-Jae and written by Jo Seung-Hee.

Lee stars in the film, which releases on December 2. Film Hunt is released on Uk on 19 October also known as Heon-teu.

Lee Jung-Jae also received awards like a Primetime Emmy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Critics' Choice Television Award.

The Cast members of Hunt film include Heo Sung-Tae as Jang Cheol-Seong, Jung Woo-sung as Kim Jung-do, Go Yoon-Jung as Jo Yoo-jeong, Hye-jin Jeon as Bang Joo-Kyung, and more.

Lee Jung-Jae is also the star of the Netflix hit series “Squid Game” which took the top acting prize and became the first person who wins the best actor in a drama in a foreign language.