Larry Summer is a Famous American Economist,  he was the 71st United States Secretary of the Treasury and served his Country, His Net worth is estimated at around $40 million.

Larry got the opportunity to Served the position of President of Harvard University from 1999 to 2001 as well, He also managed World Bank as a Chief Economist.

Larry Summer was born on 30 November 1954 in  New Heaven, United States. His family was a Jewish family, his parents were also economists.

His Mom and Dad were Professors at the University of Pennsylvania. Larry was also the Nephew of Mr. Paul Samuels who got Nobel Laureates in economics.

He Joined Harriton High School in the beginning, he lived in Penny Valley Pennsylvania. When he was 16 years old he attends the Massachusetts  Institute of Technology.

 After that, he changed his career line from Science to Economics. Larry did his graduation from Harvard university, Later on, in 1993, he becomes a Professor of economics.

He did so well as an Economics student, Mr. Summers took part in so many aspects of Economics. He also makes a couple of researches in Labor Economics, Public Finance, and so on. 

In 1991, Larry resigned from Harvard University .and become the Chief Economist at the world bank up to 1993. He also becomes the Vice President of Development Economics.

When Bill Clinton was the President of America, Mr. Summer got a big responsibility in his government. He used to monitor International affairs.

Larry, was a director of the White House USA National Economic Council under the Governance of Mr. Barack Obama. Summer’s Journey is such a wonderful.