Who is Lady Rhea Royce: House of the Dragon

Lady Rhea was mentioned several times in the premiere episode of HOTD. Let’s Know more about Lady Rhea.

Though we didn’t see Lady Rhea in the premiere, she will turn up eventually on House of the Dragon. Rachel Redford plays her role in the series.

Rhea Royce is the head of House Royce and the Lady of their ancestral homestead Runestone in The Vale.

Rhea Royce is one of the few examples of a woman who serves as the ruling “Lady” of her family and their holdings. 

She is the wife of Prince Daemon Targaryen. In the premiere, we learned that Daemon had not been back to the Vale, where Lady Rhea resides, in quite some time. 

Daemon dismissively refers to his wife as his “Bronze Bitch” because noble Royces are usually clad in bronze armor.

Bronze is not only the dominant color on their sigil but the ancient Royces worked extensively with bronze material.

You might remember Ser Waymar Royce from GOT, the impetuous Night’s Watch officer who was killed by a White Walker in the series premiere of GOT.

He is a distant descendant of Lady Rhea’s family, though not of her directly.