KSI is a popular English Rapper and YouTuber known for his songs, videos, and boxing his real name is Olayinka Williams Olatunji. KSI’s net worth is estimated at around $30 million in 2022.  

KSI is the fifth highest paid Youtuber across the world, his Youtube videos made him so much famous., and he makes lots of money through Youtube.

KSI was born on 19 June 1993, in England. His parents are Nigerian, and his Mother's name is Yinka Olatunji  his father name is Jide Olatunji. KSI's brother is also a YouTuber.

In 2008 KSI started taking Intrest in Youtube, he made his first account named Jide Junior, and after that, he made his second account on youtube in 2009.

His second youtube channel name was KSIOlajidebt, he opened this Youtube channel just for FIFA Video games which got so many views.

KSI Journey as a rapper is about 7 years, he released over 21 songs, 2 EPs, and 2 studio albums. He also took part in several Tours like The New Age, The Jump around, and so on.

He is also passionate about Boxing, he fought against very Popular Youtuber , boxers like Liam Payne and Logan Paul. his most Incredible fight was against Logan Paul.

KSI and his younger brother  nominated for  several  Award many times. once both of the brothers were listed in UK’s Most Influential YouTubers.

KSI invested his money in an energy drink company, which is known as Prime Hydration. He is also a founder of Sideman collective, Side man Clothing.

The Sunday Times reveals that KSI's Net Worth is estimated at around $30 million, his main sources of income are Boxing, Music, Business ventures, and Youtube Videos.