Kim Kardashian speak out about school shooting in Uvalde, Texas

Kim Kardashian went on a Twitter after the school shooting in texas and calling the politicians to 'control' the gun access.

Kim Kardashian also blamed 'mental health' and 'deep-seated hatred' for the tragedy.

Kim Kardashian talk on Twitter about the incident and how she wrote an essay about gun control five years ago.

Kim Kardashian is now “heartbroken, disgusted and furious” that lawmakers have done “little” to stop this problem.

Kim tweeted to her 75 million followers. 

Kim said that assault weapons “should be banned, period,” as they didn’t exist when Second Amendment was written

Kim joins fellow celebs like Tim McGraw, Selena Gomez, Matthew McConaughey, and Halle Berry who have expressed their anger over mass shooting. 

Kim declared that the minimum legal age to buy a weapon that is 18 should be increased. An 18-year-old male shot and killed 21 people, 19 children and two adults, at a Texas elementary school

The gunman was killed by law enforcement after using a handgun, and possibly a rifle, to enact the senseless crime.