Simon Romanov

Kim Kardashian Accused of Damaging Marilyn Monroe Dress 

Kim Kardashian is accused after photos showing the damage to the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress the reality star wore at the Met Gala on May 2.

Kardashian done a deal with Ripley’s Believe It or Not to wear the gold “Happy Birthday” dress, which has been valued at $5 million

The decision was met with force back initially because of Kardashian’s comments about losing weight for the event.

Professional conservators also spoke out saying it was ill-advised to wear any clothing item with so much history, no matter the reason or the person.

One conservator told the L.A. Times “I’m frustrated because it sets back what is considered professional treatment for historic costume,” 

Marilyn Monroe collector is criticizing after sharing pictures of dress before and after Gala that appear to show stress to the fabric and missing crystals.

The Scott Fortner Marilyn Monroe Collection wrote on its Instagram account on Monday that “Without question, the damage is significant,” 

The photos and videos were taken by creative director Chad Michael Christian Morrisette, who has a history of assisting the archiving of the dress, at Ripley’s Hollywood.

On Instagram Morrisette wrote, “This dress is a piece of my life and my heart. To see what @kimkardashian did in the damaging of it is heartbreaking,”