Simon Romanov

Kanye West Girlfriend Chaney Jones Showing her new “YE” tattoo

Chaney Jones is so in love with Kanye West that she got his name inked onto her wrist but not before getting his input on the design.

Kanye West has been dating Chaney Jones since February and wants to make it the longest relationship he has had since splitting with his wife Kim Kardashian

The rapper and the model are getting serious with each other.“Chaney has checked all his boxes so far, and she makes him feel comfortable about their relationship"

Chaney is the dark-haired beauty got her boyfriend tattooed on her wrist. “Their bond has grown over the past months so Chaney thought it would be sweet to get the ‘Ye’ tattoo,”

“She went over the design with Kanye because she wanted to make sure it was something Kanye liked.

Chaney wanted something pretty and delicate and she thinks it turned out just perfect.”

Chaney got cozy with Kanye on a trip to Tokyo, Japan but left him and flew back to Miami without him by her side.

Source told “Kanye’s main reason for visiting Japan is work related so his plan all along was to have Chaney visit him for a bit before he needed to focus on work,” 

“He thought it would be nice to enjoy some time together in one of his favorite places in the world. But Kanye needs to get back to work which is why he headed to Japan in the first place"