Joy Behar Had An Ectopic Pregnancy said ‘I Almost Died’

Recently a piece of news has come about Joy Behar, she revealed that she has been through a terrifying experience during her pregnancy.

Joy Behar shared her experience of ectopic pregnancy during talking about laws of abortion in show "The View" on Wednesday, 3 August,2022.

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Joy Behar is the co-host of the ABC talk show " The View". She spoke on Herschel Walker‘s calls for a full ban on abortion. 

“The embryo is growing in the fallopian tube, “It’ll grow just enough to make the tube burst, which what happens then is you bleed internally, and then you die," Joy explained ectopic pregnancy

Joy told the audience that she had an ectopic pregnancy before, “In 1979, I had an ectopic pregnancy, I almost died.” she said.

“They rushed me to the hospital. The doctor the next day said, ‘We almost lost you.’ I was in the situation where I could go to Beth Israel Hospital, and they took care of it there,” - Joy Beher

Herschel wants to ban abortion without putting any exception for rape and health perspectives. According to Joy, he cannot be in positions of power.

After the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Lauren Conrad told that she suffered an ectopic pregnancy without life-saving care.  

"Yesterday I read about a woman with this same condition having her ectopic pregnancy rupture — and facing death — while waiting for treatment," Conrad said.

No mother wants to abort their child in her womb but in some severe cases, pregnancy could put danger in her life.