Jojo Zarur responds to the rumors about her and Kevin Gates

Jojo Zarur an celebrity stylist and entrepreneur has responded to rumors about herself and Kevin Gates.

When Jojo Zarur and Kevin Gates respond after the two were spotted out together, earlier this week.

On August 8, 1993,Biggie Smalls longtime girlfriend gave birth to his first child, T'yanna, although the couple had split by then.

Sharing a video of Gates demanding that fans not "play with anything I love," Zarur added a message of her own.

"I've been being real positive with you guys, you know what I'm saying, and like I said, I'm not speaking on my behalf," Gates introduces the clip.

He continued: "I just want you to know one thing, I'm not any of these other rappers that walk around with security."

He ended with "If y'all play with anything I love, I'm letting you know now. I hope everybody hears me. I'm ready to do a life sentence."

"I love you all. Y'all have a beautiful day." he ended by saying this to fans in the video.

Reposting the video, Jojo added the caption, "play with me if you want to," with a blushing emoji on her Instagram Story.