Johnny Galecki is a Beligun - American Actor, who is popular for his role in Big Bang Theory, In 2022 his Net worth is estimated at around $ 100 million USD. 

In 2018 his earnings were $25 million which made him the second richest Actor in the entire world, the fans love his acting style he is the most talented actor.

Johnny Galecki was born on 30th April  1975 in Belgium. he was born into an Army Family, his father was a Military man, and Johnny’s mother was a Mortgage Consultant.

He is not a highly educated person, he only joined the school just for one day and leaves the school very early. He doesn't like to study very much. 

Mr. Galecki reveals that in his childhood days he was quite an Imaginative person, his mind is so creative, and wants to become an actor.

Johnny begins his acting career at the age of Seven, in starting he did small roles in Theatres. When he was Twelve years old Galecki got his first big role in ‘Murder Ordained’.  

The show through which Johnny becomes so Famous is ‘Roseanne’ that show gives him a name and fame and uplifts his career in this Acting.

In 2007 Johnny was cast in the Big Bang Theory, and the Show become so hit and Successful. Mr. Galecki played the role of Leonard Hofstader.  

Several media sources say that in 2022 his net worth is approximately estimated at around$ 100 million USD. and his income is kept Increasing. 

Johnny has won a number of awards for his acting, Including the TV Land Award. For the Best Youth Comedy, he got a young artist award in 1994.