Johnny Depp Joins TikTok To Thank his Fans For Support 

Johnny Depp is on Tiktok and it doesn't surprise his fans that his profile already has more than four million followers.

Depp isn’t following anyone on TikTok, and his Liked videos are also private on his Tiktok Account.

Johnny Depp updated his bio by saying a quote "occasional thespian" and dedicated his first video to his fans who were supportive to him through his ups and downs.

Johnny Depp then shared the same on his Instagram account by adding an all caption thanking his fans for all support and love.

"To all of my most treasured, loyal, and unwavering supporters. We’ve been everywhere together, we have seen everything together," he said

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"And now, we will all move forward together. So, thank you. My love & respect, JD" he ended it by saying thanks to all.

His appearance on Tiktok just came after his defamation trial with Ex-wife Amber Heard and Jhonny was awarded 10 Million dollars from Amber Heard.

As there is no doubt that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's trial was more on Tiktok than News as fans all over the world were supportive of him in Tiktok.

So, Johnny decided to join the Tiktok and thank his fans through his first video showing a small part of his journey