Jennifer Williams is a Famous  American Reality TV Personality and a Real Estate broker. In 2022 her Net worth is estimated at around $ 25 million USD.

Jennifer is the wife of popular NBA player, Eric Williams. And she is so popular because Ms. Williams took a part in VH1’s Basketball wife TV Series for up to 4 seasons.

Jennifer Williams was born on 17 September 1974 in New Jersey, United States. She Used to Live with her Mom. but, in 2015 her mother passed away due to cancer.

Ms. Williams attend Columbia High School Later she joined the University of Maryland and pursue her Graduation in Political Science Degree.

2005 was the Year when she Started her career in the Real Estate Business in New Jersey, she sold high-End proprietary after getting her license in Real Estate.

‘Flirty Girl Fitness is a famous fitness Center that is owned by her as well,  Afterwards, Jenefer introduced a lip Gloss line which is a Cosmetic product.

The Reality TV Series which gives her name and fame is the ‘Basketball Wifes’. She performed a major role in the first four seasons so well.   

Ms. Williams quit the show after four seasons, and was spotted on several TV shows. Later on, she made her own show known as Jennifer Guest.

Various media sources reveal that in 2022 she earns $ 25 million, Ms. Williams generates most of her Income from the Real Estate Business, and the Basketball Wife paid her $ 300000 per Season. 

Ms. Williams and her husband divorced each other recently, Eric paid her $ 30 million in Settlement. Now the couple is living their life alone.