Jennette McCurdy is a Famous American Actress, Producer, Director, and Pop Singer, In 2022 her Net Worth is estimated at around $ 5 million USD.

Jennette McCurdy is a popular and well-known personality, She generates most of her income from Acting and Singing, and She is doing very well in her profession.

Several media sources reveal that her annual income is approximately estimated at around $1 million USD, which is marvelous for an actress like Jennette.  

In August 2022, Jennette McCurdy's monthly salary went to $ 8,333 dollars, Ms. McCurdy did a number of television shows such as "Between".

In 2013 She purchased a home in Studio City at the cost of 90,5000 later on, Jennette sold this house in 2016 worth $ 995,000 dollars. 

She got $ 1000 as a salary initially, but now she charges $ 50,000 USD for each and every episode of “Carly”. Which shows her hard work and determination. 

Jennette also has a passion for singing as well, McCurdy released her first song in 2009. Which is known as ‘Not That Far away.   

2000 was the year when she started her acting career in a TV series called “Mad TV”. She was just Eight years old when she got her first role. 

She was born on 26th June  1992, in California, United States. Her mother's name is Debra and her Father's name is Mark, she used to live with her family. 

After words Jennette made her own series on You tube “ What Next For Sarah,  She wrote and produced this particular series which was loved by the fans as well.