James Gunn and Jennifer Holland are Married Now

James Gunn is an American filmmaker and actor and Jennifer Holland is an American actress.

According to a recent update, it is heard that James Gunn and Jennifer Holland are Married Now.

James and Jennifer are getting married in Colorado place on Friday they shared their pictures and Ceremony at Dunbar Ranch on social media.

Gunn shared on his Instagram account that he is finally getting married to his long-time love after 7 years.

Jennifer Holland is now 35 years old, and James Gunn is 56 years old now. Holland said how working with her now-husband on Peacemaker brought them closer to each other.

James Gunn is the director of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and DC's The Suicide Squad.

Jennifer appeared part of Gunn’s The Suicide Squad American superhero film and she is best known for Emilia Harcourt.

Gunn Says that before the wedding Jennifer did not let me see them because the dress was too perfectly done which Jennifer wore.

Through the actor Michael, Rosenbaum Jennifer meet with her present husband Gunn in 2015, she met with Gunn before her Engagement.

Gillan commented on Gunn's post that the event marked "the best weekend."