Jack Harlow Net Worth

Jack’s rise to success has been super fast as he was nominated for multiple Grammys and if you are the 0.5 percent of people who isn’t aware of who Jack Harlow is then let's dive in.

Jack was a rapper, songwriter, and record producer since 2015 but in 2020 when he released his single  "What's Poppin" it was major breakthrough and it got at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100.

In 2022, it was announced that Harlow will make his acting debut in a remake of the 1992 film White Men Can't Jump directed by Calmatic.

Jack's partnership with various brands KFC, Buffalo Wild Wings, Call of Duty, Venmo, Tommy Hilfiger, and Cheetos also provided him a heavy worth.

Jack's net worth is $4 Million which is pretty impressive considering he only became famous in 2020.

Jack literally made $5 million in 2021 thanks to brand endorsements. "I want money but I’m not super driven by money,” he told Forbes in 2019.

That’s not the thing I wake up and think about all the time. I haven’t bought a nice car yet because I know that’s the worst thing you could do.” he said

Jack Harlow and Drake were seen bonding and spotted hanging out in late 2021, and later went on vacation together in Turks & Caicos in March 2022.

Jack Harlow is single right now but he does mention he wants "many" and "all girls" - preferably "eight daughters."