Actor Thomas Hanks known for his marvelous performance in his comedic and drama shows. He is the Cultural Icon of America.

Introducing Tom Hanks’s Children

Tom had married twice. He married to Samantha Lewes in 1978 and raised two kids, Collin & Elizabeth. But the couple  divorced in 1987.

He married to an American singer, actor and producer Rita Wilson in 1988. She blessed him with two charming sons Chet and Truman. 

Collin Hanks is the first child and son of Tom. He is working as an actor, starred in various movies(King Kong, The House Bunny, Jumanji & The Great Buck Howard).He have 2 kids Oliva & Charlotte

Elizabeth Ann Hanks is the single daughter grown up with all the love of Hanks. She is a writer as well as a good actress and producer.  

Chet Hanks is the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. He is currently working as an actor and musician.

Truman is the youngest son of Thomas, he is known for is camera work and filmography. He did and outstanding work in several movies including Black Widow & Cloverfield paradox.

Tom loves his family. He gave a  heartwarming speech with teary eyes for them, at Cecile B. De Mille Awards,2020. 

Besides one beautiful wife and four loving children, he have three grandchildren Oliva and Charlotte via Collin Hanks and Michaiah Hanks via Chet Hanks.

Beyond his family he earned lots of good relations with producers, actors, directors and fans. He always seen with spotlights around with his loved ones.