Renovation of Island is a television series based on Reality like Business Activity, and Home Life. this particular show is the same as  Bryan Inc, House of Bryan.

The Last two shows The fans Have Enjoyed it a lot, where Bryan was seen with his lovely wife Sarah and their children.

The Series was ranked third, in the Very first season in Canada. And became the highest-seen program on HGTV in Canada 

The Beloved series will make a return for its third season on the 24th of July, but this time Sarah and Bryan will start their home’s Renovation 

In the beginning, They face a lot of Challenges while renovating their new house in Florida. The Couple has to manage their kids as well.

Bryan Baeulmer has done so many hit shows on HGTV, like Disaster DIY. Mr. Bryan has now made his own brand which is known as Baeulmer Brand.

His wife Sarah is an Interior Designer, Sarah also has her Brand called Sarah Delivered. Curated is a magazine that is Introduced by Sarah as well. 

Hurricane Dorian affected the Bahamas in 2019, at that time the Resort was totally Destroyed. And the number of Employees and their Families had Struggled a lot.

Patience pays off for Bryan and Sarah after a lot of hard work the Resort was reopened in Feb 2020 for the guests. But due to covid, it was Shut down Again 

After Six weeks Sarah and Bryan were Forced to Close down their hotel because of covid 19 Pandemic. The Couple knows that it won't be easy.