Terry Crews is a popular America's Got Talent and Television host, famous actor, and splendid former football player.

Introducing Terry Crews Kids

Introducing Terry Crews Kids

Terry married Rebecca King on July 29, 1989. They have five children together, four lovely daughters and a son.

Terry has launched a TV series of hectic lives of actor Terry Crews and his family in 2010, named "The Family Crews".

Naomi Burton-Crews is the elder child and adopted stepdaughter of Terry.  She is working as an actor, starred in various reality TV shows.

Azriel Crews is the first daughter and child of Terry, born in 1990. She is a writer as well as a good actress and singer.  

Tera Crews is the third daughter of Terry Crews. She is born in 1999 and is currently 23 years old now. She has grown up with all the love of her father.

Wynfrey Crews is the youngest princess of Terry Crews. She is born in 2004 and is 18 years old now. She always seems close to her family.

Isaiah Crews is the only son of Terry Crews. He is 17 years old and working as a cast of Munchy in the series Side Hustle on NIkelodeon.

Besides one beautiful wife and five loving children, he has one grandchild Miley Crews via Naomi Burton-Crews.

Beyond his family he earned lots of good relations with producers, actors, directors and fans. He always seen with spotlights around with his loved ones.