Introducing Steve Harvey Children

Steve Harvey is a proud father to seven children, who have all grown into beautiful and successful adults. Of the seven kids.

4 are Steve’s biological children from his past marriages to Marcia Harvey and Mary Shackelford. Steve then married current wife Marjorie Harvey, and adopted her three children. 

Brandi Harvey is Steve’s eldest children are his twin daughters with Marcia, named Brandi and Karli. The girls were born in 1982, and the now-39-year-olds have evolved into stunning women.

Karli Harvey is Brandi’s twin sister, has a successful career. Karli is very involved in the Steve & Marjorie Foundation, where she does public speaking and mentoring.

Broderick Harvey Jr. is Steve’s third child from his marriage to Marcia. Broderick has his own fashion line called Need Money Not Friends and his own photography studio B. Harvey Photography Inc.

Wynton Harvey is Steve’s only child from his marriage to Mary. Wynton has been passionate about art since he was young, and often shares his work on his social media pages.

Morgan Harvey is Steve’s eldest stepchild. Her mother is Marjorie, but the identity of her biological father has never been publicly revealed. 

Jason Harvey is among the trio of Steve’s stepchildren. Jason is the founder of Yevrah, a luxury women’s footwear company.

Lori Harvey is Steve’s youngest adopted child. She is the most famous of Steve’s seven kids. She is a model who has appeared on a number of magazine covers, including Vogue.