The most awaited horror plus comedy movie Bodies Bodies Bodies is returning once again with so much suspense, the releasing date of the film is 5 August.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is a movie that is based on a young group of friends, who went to a remote mansion for a wild party, the friends stay together always. 

But they won't know soon their fun will turn into tears because there is a Secret killer in the group whose identity is hidden. the friends trying to catch the murderer.

Pete Davidson, plays David in this movie David shows his class as a rich kid. David is the one who invites his friends to a party, in his mention.

Amanda Stenberg Screen as Sophie, her role is quite interesting. She is the only one in this movie who brings lots of comedy and perfection.

Bee's Character is played by Maria Bakalova, Bee who is the girlfriend of Sophie, and Desperate to meet Sophie's rich friends. She also took a part in the Fake Killed game. 

Rachel Sennott was spotted as Alice in the movie, Rachel is a comedian actress better known for her role in the TV series ‘Ayo and Rachel are single’.

Greg's role is played by Lee Pace who is an old Boyfriend of one friend in this group, he has played several big roles in TV series such as Halt and Catch Fire. 

Myha’la Herrold is cast as Jordan in this film, She is so popular because she did the TV drama ‘Industry’. Her next movie is Leave the world behind.

The Famous American  Actress, Director, Chase Sui Wonders was spotted as Emma in Bodies, Bodies, Bodies. Her best role she played as Riley in the TV Series ‘Generation’.