Introducing 10 celebrities who own private jets

Neymar, the famous PSG footballer in France is well known for having his own private jet worth 10 million euros. His jet can carry 12 passengers on board.

John Travolta is an aviation enthusiast. The celebrity is quite popular all over the world, especially for being an airplane pilot. He is a proud owner of several airplanes.

Kim Kardashian is one of the most influential women today, she has become a real businesswoman and she now owns a private jet. Her jet features a bedroom and a bathroom.

Morgan Freeman owns a plane, but he’s also been a pilot since the age of 65. His plane is worth around 8 million dollars, it’s a jet plane called Syberjet SJ30.

Harrison Ford is the proud owner of several airplanes, as well as a helicopter. Many define the actor as a very good pilot, very attentive.

Tom Cruise also owns a plane. He is the proud owner of a Gulfstream IV, worth $35 million. His sublime plane can carry up to 19 passengers.

Beyoncé and Jay Z travel the world. So, they needed an airplane capable of flying large distances around the globe, with sufficient luxury.

Bill Gates, the famous founder of Microsoft, is also the proud owner of a private plane. His plane is reportedly 40 million dollars and has a capacity of 19 people.

Taylor Swift The celebrity opted for a rather sober private jet, which is far from extravagant, but more than enough when she goes to her concerts.

Michael Jordan is the proud owner of a very unique aircraft. His plane is very personal, one can recognize the plane very easily in the air and on the runways.