How old is The Umbrella Academy star ‘Number Five’?

The wait is almost over for The Umbrella Academy fan the drama is returning for a third outing on Netflix.

Number Five which is played by Aidan Gallagher and the rest of the Hargreeves children will be back for the next lot of episodes.

Number Five was one of the seven babies adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves who had the intention of training them to save the world using their powers.

There were 43 super-powered children who were born on the 12th hour on the first day of October 1989.

In the second season of The Umbrella Academy, Five was a couple of decades older than his brothers and sisters.

Five is played by actor Aidan Gallagher who is a teenager rather than a man in his 50s in real life. He is born on September 18, 2003, and will be turning 19 in just a few months' time.

"It is such an incredible privilege to get to play the different complexities of Five because of how many things he's been through." he said

"At the very top of that is him being a 58-year-old inside a 13-year-old, time-traveling assassin who spent 45 years of his life in this apocalyptic wasteland " he added

The Umbrella Academy is back this week for its third series on Netflix and  consist of 10 episodes in total which will be released in one go.