How much money does Michael Jordan Have

Michael Jordan is most recognized names in NBA history. He is also known for the endorsement of Nike’s Air Jordan and for the movie Space Jam.

He is the richest former professional athlete in the world with a net worth of $1.6 billion.

Jordan donated $2 million of his earnings from his docuseries "The Last Dance" to Feeding America's food banks in Chicago and the Carolinas.

During NBA career, Jordan earned a total of $93.7 million in salary. He was the first athlete in history to earn over $30 million per year in salary.

Michael signed his rookie contract with the Bulls, contract was a 7 year, $6 million deal, averaging to around $850,000 per season. 

Michael Jordan owns a $50 million customized Gulfstream IV private jet that transport him to and from houses all over the world. 

Michael Jordan lost $170 million in a divorce settlement with his first wife Juanita Vanoy. It was one of the most expensive divorces in history.

Michael's best career investment has been his ownership stake in the Charlotte Hornets. He bought a majority stake in the team in 2010 for $175 million.

 In 2019 he sold a minority portion to an investment group in transaction that valued the team at $1.5 billion.