Mark Zuckerberg is an  American Internet Entrepreneur, Media Magnate, and the Co-Founder of Facebook.  his Net worth is estimated at around 63.40 Billion USD. 

But the co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is suffering a huge amount of loss because of the downfall of his Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. 

His Net worth is Decreased by almost $6 billion in just six hours, and his Current Net worth is estimated at around 63.40 billion which is Shocking.

On 1st January 2022 he comes into the category of the top 5 richest people in the world, at that time his net worth was $126 billion. Which was tremendous. 

But life is unpredictable, he won’t know in the next few months his Facebook share and Stock dropped by 50/ from $340 to$170. that is strange. 

In 2004, While Studying at Harvard University. Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook with his friends Chris, Andrew, Dustin, and Eduardo.

2013 was the year when Mark Launched the Internet. Org, through which Five billion people can access the internet. But due to some reasons, the project was dropped.

Mark Zuckerberg is such an Inspiration because he really wants to do something for others, Mark wants to help other people to connect with each other across the world.  

His real name is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, who was born on the 14th of May 1984 in New York United States. His mother was a Psychiatrist and his father was a Dentist.

In 1993 Zuckerberg's father Edward taught his Basic Programming Language during his school days, later on, he starts using computers and making software.