Jennifer Aniston is a Famous American Actress, Spokeswoman, and Producer, In 2022 her Net Worth is estimated at around $ 320 million USD. 

Jennifer Aniston is a popular and well-known personality, she generates most of her income from Acting, and he is doing so great with her movies. 

According to various media sources, her annual Salary is approximately estimated at around 20 million USD, Which is marvelous for an actress like her. 

In August 2022, Jennifer Aniston's monthly income went to $ 2 million dollars, She was the top earning and highest paid actress in 2019. 

She purchased a  home in Los Angeles worth $ 20.1 million dollars, later on, she spent $ 13.5 million USD to purchase a house in Beverly Hills.

Jennifer also has a passion for cars as well, in recent she bought a Bentley for $ 214000 USD. And she also owns a Porsche Panamera. 

In 2015 she was the Emirates Airline Face, for this Emirates Airlines paid Aniston $ 5 million. She earned $ 10 million dollars from endorsement.    

From the First Season of “Friends” she earned $ 22500 per episode, and she charged approximately 10 million per movie.  

She was born on 11th February 1969, in Los Angeles, United States. Her mother’s name is Nancy and her Father's name is John.

She did so many part-time jobs to support herself 1988 was the year when she started her acting career, after words she become a successful actress.