How  Much Money  Did  Woodstock '99  Make? 

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Netflix is going to present a documentary on the original Woodstock festival of 1999, to revive the memory again which is out as of August 3.

Woodstock ’99 was the largest music festival that was held at a former air force base in Rome, upstate New York on July 22–25, 1999.

There were more than 4,00,000 buyers of the ticket which was worth $150 for each person. It made more than $60 million in ticket earnings.

What was the cost of tickets?

Sad to say but Woodstock festival creator Michael Lang died on January 8, 2021. He created the original festival of 1969.

What happened to the creators of Woodstock? 

After planning  the Miami Pop Festival in 1968, Lang wanted to create a more unique and large festival so he created "Woodstock"

The huge festival made $60 million from tickets with a production cost of  $38 million. Inside the festival, every snack stuff cost approx. $4 - $12 and 11 NFOs made $75,000.

Did Woodstock make money? 

When Red Hot Chili Peppers performed, the PAX group gave 100000 candles to light under the bridge but it put the fire on the periphery of the stage.


But the Chili Peppers' lead singer Anthony Kiedis wants to keep singing on the stage even by catching fire. As the performance was over, the situation got drastic.

3 people died at Woodstock ’99 and 700-1200 people got hospitalized. Besides, that 5 rapes and numerous other sexual assaults and harassment were reported.

How many deaths were there at Woodstock?

A peaceful festival was turned into a hell ground of crime and death. Approximately 44 people were arrested.