Henry Cavill Doesn’t Want To Be in Superman Costume Anymore

Henry Cavill is Superman in “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”. Fans got excited after the rumours arose of his brief cameo at Shazam but ended up fake.

Acc. to Fandango’s Erik Davis, Studio has spoken to Cavill about his role as Superman and has no desire to return and suggested a change of new leadership at Warner Bros.

David Zaslav ,new President and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery cancelled the movie “Batgirl” for HBO Max said i prefer more quality than quantity .

The new regime at Warner Bros. are excited to work with Cavill but he seems to have no interest .Some fans criticised him for bleak tone in Justice League.

Issue arose after Justice League as Superman died in the preceding movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ” and came back in Justice league .

Fans gawked at Cavill of grown moustache while superhero team-up flick .Cavill unhappy with the Justice league change of direction from Synder to Josh Whedon .

Henry Cavill is also doing many projects outside DC and Superman . Cavill is currently a star of the Netflix series “The Witcher” released in late 2019 .

Time can tell the return of Henry Cavill as Superman . DC’s next outing is “Black Adam” which stars Dwayne Douglas Johnson as the same manager as Cavill had .

Rumour of Superman showing a villainous DC character in the third act . As for now nothing is confirmed , the chances of Cavill coming back is dwindling.