Harrison Wagner’s unexpected death has left his girlfriend brokenhearted

Jack and Kristina Wagner's son, Harrison Wagner who was 27 years old died on 6 June the cause of death is not been released.

Harrison Wagner was found dead in a Los Angeles, Calif., parking lot on Monday morning of the 6th of June.

The cause of death is still under investigation and the initial autopsy report was unable to determine the manner in which Jack died.

Harrison Wagner’s sudden death at the age of 27 has left his girlfriend, Sophia Bui, brokenhearted.

She shared on her Instagram account with a heavy heart “Seven years, on and off, round and round we loved each other,”

“For better or for worse. In sickness and in health. Sorry I missed your calls in the middle of the night these last few days." she added

"I miss sending you silly animal videos. I miss you sending gorgeous songs that made me cry.” she expressed

"I will always choose to love you in this world and in any other life.” at the end of the message several red heart emojis were placed.

Jack and Kristina Wagner, have yet to publicly comment on their son's death but they must be also heartbroken.