Haikyuu Season 5: Everything we know about

Haikyuu Season 5  release date or release window is not told yet unfortunately but there will be a continuation tweeted.

Volleyball, anime fans, and fellow crews are excited to watch the next step in Hinata and Karasuno Volleyball Club’s journey but they have to wait for the release date told by officials.

Dec. 19, 2020, was the release date of the last episode in this high school volleyball saga, and after its release fans are waiting for Season 5.

After the release of Season 4 of Haikyuu the official English account of Manga and TV Anime Series tweeted we are working on next step.

“Haikyu!! The FINAL” anime sequel will happen in place of season 5. Didn't know exact release date but kick-off event will be held on Aug. 23, 2022.

Fans have been waiting for Haikyuu!! Season 5 for the past two years seems due to Covid-19 impacted the release of season 5.

HaiKyuu!! follows a high school volleyball team and the relationship between the players. Story mainly focuses on ShōyōHinata want to become great volleyball player inspite short hieght.

In Haikyuu!! In season 5, Hinata could go to Karasuno High School to learn Volleyball and even qualify for nationals, several reports claimed. 

Reports say that the fifth season might also come with a new storyline that will not be connected to Season 4 or the earlier seasons.