Guide of Best Marvel Comics For Beginners2022

Some of the Marvel’s earliest standout comics are Amazing Spider-Man by Steve Ditko, John Romita and Stan Lee, and Fantastic Four by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee are affordable.

If you want to know how the Marvel Universe comics from starting to till now here are Top Marvel Stories From 1961 to 2000.

1. Amazing Spider-Man 2. Fantastic Four 3. Silver Surfer 4. Strange Tales 5. The Kree / Skrull War –  Avengers 6. Daredevil

Here are a few good ways to start into modern Marvel Comics from 1998 on. we have sorted a list for you to start developing your interest in comics.

1. Inhumans 2. Daredevil: Guardian Devil 3. Avengers: Ultron Unlimited 4. The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank 5. Ultimate Spider-Man Sentry

If you don't want to catch up on Marvel’s vast history and like to jump into the current, ongoing state of Marvel Comics in 2022 here are some recomendadtion

Beginning in May 2018, Marvel launched “Marvel Fresh Start,” which effectively marks the most recent wave of comic starting points for readers in 2022.

The chronology of comics that sets up the current state of Marvel Fresh Start flows as follows: 1. Marvel Fresh Start 2. War of the Realms 3. House of X / Powers of X 4. Absolute Carnage

Here are some Heroes And Villains of the Marvel Universe as a guide for most major Marvel characters. 1. Amazing Spider-Man 2. The Avengers 4. 3. Black Panther 5. Doctor Strange