Simon Romanov

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: A Beloved Doctor Quit

A Beloved Doctor & 2 More Leave For Good. The 400th episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' featured a veteran doctor quitting and 2 going on run, and a devastating breakup.

Winston is still distracted with Wendell and is set on to get Maggie’s money back. Maggie wishes Winston would just let the whole thing go. 

Winston says “I need to fix it,” Maggie doesn’t want him involved. Winston snaps at Maggie and says not to tell him how to handle his brother.

At least on Jo’s end things aren’t going too well for Jo and Todd. She is unsure about speed at which things are moving on.

Jo crosses paths with Link in elevator and reveals she had cross her limit with Todd for the first time. Todd also told Jo that he loved her.

Owen Is Threatened

Jackson & April Return

Richard Goes Off On Meredith

Bailey Quits While Owen & Teddy Run