Grant Cardone is an American Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, and Author. Grant's Net worth is estimated at around $650 million in 2022.

Mr. Grant Cordone was born on March 21, 1958, in the united states of America. His family was a simple family, he used to live with his parents.

He Joined LaGrange High School and completed his higher studies there. Grant was a brilliant student as well ,he was appreciated by the teachers.

Grant,graduated from his college in the year 1981, after that he also got an award from his college for being an outstanding student in the year 2010. 

After completing all the studies he worked for many companies in starting days but,1987 was the year when he decide to move to Chicago in search of new experience

Mr. Cordone always has a passion for NASCAR car racing, he also supported them as well through his company which shows how much he loves NASCAR. 

Sales training company was the company, that helps him so much in the upcoming days. Grant also worked in California for the next 12 years. 

Afterwards he got a job in an Automobile company, later on, he made his own company named Freedom  Motorsports Group INC, and become the CEO of the Company.

Grant also published a number of books like, Be Sold, Be Obsessed, TenX Rule, Be average and so many books as well his books become so successful.

Mr. Cordone is a billionaire with a great personality, he is hardworking and a self-made man. now he becomes a role model for other people through his motivational speeches.